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If I was still training and not doing the whole recovery thing this would have been week 14 out of a 20 week training program.

This is what my week would have looked like:


Swim a total of 2,300 yards completing a handful of different drills

Bike 1 hour and 30 minutes


40 minute run with VO2 max intervals


2 hour bike ride

1 hour run & 8 20 second speed intensity sprints w/40 second recoveries


1 hour 45 minute bike ride

Swim a total of 2,300 yards completing a handful of different drills


Brick work out (Bike followed by immediate run)

1hour 30 minute bike ride then 45 minute run


Swim a total of 2,400 yards completing a handful of different drills

55 minute run

WOW…that would have been a lot of work!


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#12 43k +

Holy $%&@…today I started opening insurance paperwork that had been piling up. One thing medical insurance is really good at is wasting trees with statement after statement.

I guess another thing their good at is keeping my ass out of the poor house! To date my medical bills have topped $43,000 from the accident. At some point someone decided to institute something called a stoploss maximum. Because of this my responsibility of the $43,000 is limited to just $2500.

Over the three days in the hospital heres how the cost breaks down:

Over 14K a day

Almost $600 an hour

And $10 minute

There are a hell of a lot of things I would have spent that money on but I’m thankful that I’m not on the hook for the whole amount!

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I keep struggling with creating expectations for how I expect this recovery to progress. Its tough when your used to following a plan, setting a series of checkpoints & goals to measure progress.

This week I started looking at triathlons scheduled for September. I was thinking I could swim, run & skip the run or just walk the run.

At this point I’m probably best to just look forward to 2008. If everything goes better than expected maybe something could work the end of this season but I won’t count on it…

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#10 I Can Swim!

To set the stage, swimming was not something I was great at before the accident. I could make it from one end of the pool to the other in a decent amount of time but never felt all that comfortable or strong.

Tuesday evening Harmony & I made it to the pool. The whole process seemed a little intimidating at first, crutching through the shower, in & out of the pool and such.

The doctor had given me the OK to swim under the condition I only kick lightly or not at all. To start, I swam four laps kicking very lightly. It was honestly the most comfortable I had been in the water. My timing felt right & I didn’t feel like I was going to pass out at the end of the pool from exhaustion caused from over kicking.

As it turns out swimming is a lot like golf. The harder you try or the more effort you put out doesn’t necessarily mean your going to swim faster or hit the ball further.

After about four laps kicking I switched off to using a pull float between my legs & not kicking at all. In total I think I swam about 500 yards. At the end I still felt strong but Harmony reminded me not to over due it.

Other than Harmony coming home from Hawaii, this time spent in the pool has been the best I have felt since the accident!

This was also the first time Harmony and I had been in the pool together. She has warned me over & over that she’s not a great swimmer & that she doesn’t enjoy it at all. I think she was sandbagging because she looked great in the pool, maybe she was trying to get me to place a bet.

Being that swimming is going to be one of my only good cardio workouts this summer I have a feeling there should be some big improvements. Once I’m off the crutches & feeling stronger I’ll supplement the pool swimming with some open water workouts. (Don’t worry Mom, I’ll do this in an area with a lifeguard)

Harmony, thanks again for helping me get to the pool and all your support!

Pull Float

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Note to self or anyone reading this that might someday find them selfs on crutches.

When working out your upper body keep in-mind the following day you’ll need your arms to support your body weight on crutches…

Yep, you guessed it, I over did it a bit & my arm are pretty sore. I made my first trip into the gym to get some sort of a workout in. It didn’t last very long but it was a step in the right direction. I cut the weight I was lifting in half from pre accident & did everything sitting on a bench. The day after I’m feeling it in my arms.

A little one legged peddling on the stationery bike didn’t go as planned either. Well I guess it went ok but it only lasted about 45 seconds, so much for a cardio workout. I hope it comes back as quick as you loose it 😉

Tonight the plan is to try swimming in the pool, stay tunned I have a feeling its going to be comical. (Anyone have some water wings I can borrow?)

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My six week check-up was a great reminder that I don’t have any control over whats going on here.

I had two possible outcomes in-mind. The one that I was really hoping for was the x-ray to look great and be able to ditch the crutches and start weight bearing on my right leg. This would also mean this stagnant felling would go away with being able to start physical therapy.

The other possible outcome would be that the x-ray showed signs of avascular necrosis or other setbacks in the healing. This would be a huge setback and would most likely lead to additional surgery.

All I really wanted to be able to do is walk without crutches…

Neither one of them exactly happened. I was told the x-ray looks great AND enjoy six more weeks of non-weight bearing while walking with crutches.

While it was not exactly bad news it did take the wind out of our sails. Harmony was just as bummed out as I was. I guess it could have been worse though, I saw some people in there much worse off than I am.

This puts my next appointment & chance to walk unassisted at June 19th.

What are you gonna do?!?!

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As if being stuck on crutches isn’t bad enough I coupled it with one of the other dreaded tasks…MOVING!

Harmony & I had talked about moving in together when our leases were up. Turns out mine was up a little sooner than I remembered. Not long after getting home from the Hospital I got the notice on my door that I was on my last month. The easy option and first action was to extend my lease three months.

As Harmony & I talked about different possibilities for our move my current building was looking like a better & better fit. For the heck of it I checked to see what was available for one bedroom units. Like it or not the perfect apartment was available and only 5 doors down from my current place.

To move the big stuff Tony & Yoeun came over after work to pack the stuff down the hall. This was a military style operation. In the corse of about 10 minutes they moved one bed, coffee table, dining room table & a dresser.

With the big stuff moved it was up to Harmony to pack the rest down the hall. She did an amazing job moving all my stuff down the hall & getting it all put away. She’s a Rockstar!

I even broke one of my cardinal rules…No visits to IKEA on weekends. We were able to get all the stuff we needed but just in case your wondering going to IKEA on a Sunday afternoon on crutches rates up there with a root canal.

The new apartment is great, its got a ton of space, beautiful view and feels like OUR home.

[rockyou id=67940580&w=426&h=320]

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