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Friday afternoon I got a group email sent out by Chelsie giving the heads up about a 50 mile bike ride planned for Saturday morning. I knew I wasn’t up for 50 but I had more than 12 (the length of the last ride) in me. The plan was to stick with the group as far as I was comfortable & turn around short of 50. As it turns out the ride was myself, Harmony, Bo & Chelsie. Since it was just the four of us we made a route change that let us put in just as many miles as I was up for.

We drove up to Snohomish & hopped on our bikes from there. It was a beautiful morning with the temp in the low 70’s. We headed southeast to Monroe then south on 203 towards Duvall. Down 203 a bit we cut over two smaller roads with less traffic for a loop.

The whole ride was pretty much flat (Psychical Therapists orders for now) & totaled 30.71 beautiful sunny miles!!! The whole ride I felt great, no pain, no stiffness, or limitations. Getting off the bike I had some muscle soreness but thats to be expected after taking 4 months off. (As I write this I’m icing my quads)

After the ride it was off to the local pub for burgers and cold drinks.

The map attached shows the ride, our route’s in blue.

Ride details

Bike route


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#23 1st Bike Ride

To celebrate being able to walk…Harmony and I went for a bike ride!

I’ve been told that I can ride (outside) but to keep it easy, be VERY careful and avoid hills for a few weeks. Thats exactly what we did! Off to Kenmore to ride on the flat, basically straight Burke-Gilman trail.

MY LEG DIDN’T FALL OFF! Not that I expected it to but you never know. We put in about 12 very easy miles & it felt great. The day after my legs, hips & screws felt fine. I’ll keep it at this pace for a couple weeks supplementing with more challenging rides on the trainer.

[rockyou id=76760687&w=426&h=319]

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#22 Step Up

Here’s a historical look back at the last four months & the mobility assistance I’ve required…

Weeks 1-3


Yes this is the standard equipment walker that you see senior citizens using. Feel free to laugh but notice I avoided the tennis balls on the back legs.


Keep laughing but this was the only way I could wash my feet in the shower…

Weeks 4-12


I’d fall asleep at night & wake up in the morning hearing the clicking of those *&$^@ crutches. Every time I would lean them up against something they were sure to fall over.

Weeks 13-16 I was weened down to using just one crutch.


Thats the cane that I was lucky enough to avoid having to use!!!

Tuesday July 10th 2007 I was given the thumbs up from my Physical Therapist to walk on my own two legs without any mechanical assistance. (I may still use the shower seat to wash my feet just for safety)

Thats 116 days, 25% of a year or in plain English…a hell of a loooooong time.

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Well it happened without me…

Last Sunday was the Lake Stevens triathlon I was training for when I broke my leg. A month or so leading up to the event I was going back and forth on watching the event or just staying home. I decided that volunteering would be the best way to be part of the event without racing.

Saturday Harmony and I went up to Everett to pick up my race packet, basically I bought a $200 t-shirt with my registration & I wasn’t going to miss out on that. Up at the “expo” Harmony & I ran into Karen & Erica, two friends of ours doing the race.

Saturday evening was the typical pre-race carb loading dinner. Sara & John came up from Portland so we all met up at Bo & Chelsie’s for dinner. (They were out of town) Karen was really the only one in need of the carb load but the rest of us did a number on a tub of frosting…

Sunday morning started at 3am. Harmony and I had to be in Lake Stevens at 4:30am. We got there right on time to learn they didn’t need us till 8am, this was the first sign of the race directors organization or lack there of. This gave us plenty of time to stare at the lake & hang out with Karen, Sara & John.

The lake was GLASS, while if I would have been racing I’m sure my stomach would have been in knots but the swim conditions were perfect.

Once the swim started Harmony and I were off to our volunteer post. We were manning an aid station that was at mile 4 & 12 (or so) on the run. This meant we were going to be there ALL day. (I was hoping for something on the bike course) Upon arriaval there were cases of power bars, gels, fig newtons, bananas & cups for water/gator aid. Rather than get into details of the volunteering experience I’ll just say it was a TON of non-stop work.

[rockyou id=76686911&w=426&h=319]

Karen & Erica both had outstanding races, NICE WORK!

All-in-all race day was a good experience, seeing the event was positive and I’ll be ready for next year. Matter of fact I just got the email that registration for 2008 is open 😉

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#20 SPIN!

Today was day number one on the bike trainer. Physical therepy has been going really well so I figured it was time to get a little peddling in…heres how it went:

20 minutes on the trainer in an easy gear

4.22 miles

12.6 Avg speed

145 Avg HR

160 Peak HR

I guess I am a numbers person. If I feel good tomorrow I’ll try 25 minutes 😉

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