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You really can’t call it a comeback because I was really never there. So I guess we’ll call it a start. September 23 Harmony & I will be racing in the Black Diamond Olympic Triathlon. I’ll be responsible for the 1 mile open water swim & 24 mile bike ride while Harmony will tackle the 6.2 mile run.

At this point we’re about 5 weeks out, between now and then I’m going to swim as much as possible, get more miles in on the bike & keep the expectation for the race to finishing it while having fun. Having an event to look forward to & train for feels good again!

I have no doubts Harmony will show up and crush the run, 6 miles is a great distance for her to excel at.

Harmony & I will be racing under the team name Screwed Together
Black Diamond Triathlon

Race website click here


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#26 Big Update

To make up for the lack of any real recent updates I’m going to cover a ton of stuff here. Rather than a bunch independent posts I’m going to cover this stuff with sub-posts.

Hip Pain

After the last doctors appointment I was having problems with pain in the hip joint. The physical therapist was a little perplexed by what was going on. With certain rotations my hip would lock up & hurt. Stretching was not really doing much because my hip locked up before any stretch was accomplished.

The general thought was there wasn’t much of a risk of injuring myself or causing damage by overdoing it physically. That being said I went on a ride that was more intensive than I had been doing. Karen & I set off for a cold, cloudy August morning ride. The ride ended up being about 35 miles, included some steep hills & our avg speed was respectable. The outcome of the ride…MY HIP FELT LIKE A MILLION BUCKS! I think what I needed to do was just beat it back into working properly. The physical therapist was a little shocked it worked but the important part was that it did.

Since then my leg hurts more around the incisions & the hip joint is doing pretty good. The more active I am the better it feels.

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New Bike

Yes, the rumors true, I did buy a new bike before I was really even given the ok to ride. It was one of those deals that was too good to pass up. I had been riding a road bike that was set up to be triathlon friendly, the new beast is a true triathlon bike. At a glance there isn’t too much of a difference between a road bike & a triathlon bike. The major differences are aerodynamics along with the seat post angle. Technically the bike leg of a triathlon is a race against the clock or a time trial. Drafting off other cyclists is not legal so many aspects of the bike are developed to be aerodynamic. In traditional road racing cyclists are in a pack & aerodynamics aren’t required or could be considered dangerous when riding in a pack.

The other difference is the seat post angle, a triathlon bike has a much steeper angle making the transition from the bike to the run more comfortable. With the steeper seat post angle muscles are used differently than a traditional bike making the post bike run a little better.

The down side of a triathlon bike is the body position. The geometry make the riding position much more compact therefore being more aerodynamic. All the way around this can be a bit more taxing on the body, especially your hips. I finally got on the new bike & while it will take some getting used to…it is a hell of a ride! Its under 20 LBS fully built & ready to ride.

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Its taken a bit to feel back to normal at work. I’m finally feeling back to 100% in the office. August has been progressing on a normal rate & the outlook keeps getting better. With this monkey wrench in my year I was thinking that if I hit 75% of my annual goal I would be doing good & with some work I think its realistic. Speaking of work I’m not sure if everyone knows where I spend my days. www.bullseyecreative.net

Come Back?

Training with any consistency or real effort has been challenging. There have been days I totally talk myself out of a workout or a ride & days I have set off with grandiose plans that didn’t pan out as planned. One thought I have is getting a race scheduled for the end of September…check back for an update, I have some ideas.

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I’m a little overdue for an update here on the blog. I think the reason being is because theres not too much to report on. Since I started 100% weight bearing its been a little up and down physically. Don’t get me wrong I’m not bitching…being able to walk has been really, really @$#%& nice.

Depending on my activity level my pain in the hip closely follows. Its not really bad but quite consistent. This week I was x-rayed again and the doctor was really pleased with how the bone looks, oh and the 1.3mm screws. The doctors response to the pain I’m experiencing was kinda like well no shit, do you know what we had to do to your leg to put you back together?!?! My next doctors appointment is not for 6 months so I’m over the every 6 weeks check up.

My Physical Therapist spent quite a bit of time tying to figure out whats causing the pain. She seems to be pretty sure its the joint capsule. Word is to just kinda push through it & see how it reacts.

That being said I’m going to try and get more miles in on the bike & enjoy this sunshine. I did decide not to try and race this weekend in a Time Trial out in Carnation 😦 oh well…there’ll be more. In September I still want to race a triathlon via a relay team so I don’t have to run.

On a blog note, I’m going to mix it up a little and just have posts displayed on the homepage. I think everyone that reads this has an idea of whats going on and I can just launch into the most recent post.

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