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It finally happened…I ran for the first time!December was the month I have been eyeing to get back to running. For the past couple month everything has been progressing really well so I too the jump. I had some mixed advice on how to get back into the swing of things. Ultimately I took the advice of my Physical Therapist, she’s done a great job so far. To ease into things here’s the approach, I start on the bike to get warmed up then move to running on SOFT surfaces.

Over the weekend Harmony & I went up to the baseball fields up on Queen Anne. We did 30 minutes of walk a lap around the park then run one. The good news is my hip never hurt but it did feel different. Later that day & the next my hip was a little sore but nothing major. My goal is to run like a couple times a week then increase the distance. Could there be a light at the end of the tunnel?!?!

On Dec 1st the Ironman World Championship from Kona was being broadcast on TV. Eastside Multisport Center over in Redmond had a great viewing party planned. First the race would be shown on the big screen then three time Ironman world chamption Peter Reid would be there for a Q&A session. The curve ball on the day was the first snow storm of the year. Watching the race was fun & hearing what Peter had to say was really interesting. The biggest piece of advice I took from him was the caution thats needed when moving too quickly after an injury…The snow was falling hard and the dogs were in the car so we headed home after the Q&A session. It sounds like Peter stuck around after the event for pictures & autographs.

M & Monza in the Snow


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