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#39 New Pages

Above the picture are a few constant pages, I’ve added a coupe of new pages to cover 08 races & training. Included in the training section is a link to my online training log.

Online training log also found here.


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#38 I Can Count

I may be part of a very small group of people but I’ll come clean…I can’t count laps while I swim…

Between counting strokes & breaths also counting how many laps I have swam just didn’t happen. Till now that is! Here’s the most useful & least expensive toy thats been added to the training arsenal. This is the sport count lap counter that slips right on your finger…problem is now I know how many laps I’m NOT swimming… www.sportcount.com

Sportcount Lap Counter picture-2.png

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Today I went back to the Hospital for an X-ray & check-up with the surgery team. Every time I go in for an x-ray I’m holding my breath as they bring it up on the monitor. Today was no different than any of the other check-ups…everything looked great!!! The quote from the doctor was “your one of the ones that healed.” Nothing has moved, the screws haven’t loosed up, the hip joint looks great & no signs of avascular Necrosis.

I was told from this point it all has to do with luck. Hopefully I won’t have any major ongoing issues other than total numbness on the surface & predicting weather changes. So from here on out I’ve been given the green light to do whatever I feel up to. Unless something starts to hurt or feel different my next check up is not for another year.

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Last weekend was the 2008 Mt. Rainer snowshoeing expedition. When I say “expedition” its the kind that involves cable TV, a bbq, hot tub & twice as much food as needed. This year it was Harmony, Bo, Chelsie, John, Alex & the dogs. (Cosgrove, Hunter, Imola, Monza)

Saturday we headed up to Paradise. The road to the top was pretty nasty bun not nearly as bad as the weather that was waiting for us. We headed right into a blizzard. It was snowing, blowing & freezing. The snowshoes went on and we headed out for a .5 mile adventure. We decided to turn around when we realized we couldn’t see anything & our faces were numb.

Saturday night we had meat-a- palozza. John had brought a few cases of steaks for the bbg & after a mile of snowshoeing we were hungry.

All weekend the dogs had to different speeds…sound asleep or completely crazy.

Sunday it was off to the Wonderland trail, we really upped our mileage from the previous day. Somehow we managed to get in three miles round trip. Cut is some slack, there were playoff football games to watch and a TON of food to eat.

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I started a second round of physical therapy, now that I’ve been running a bit my good leg is having some issues due to compensating for the injured one. My uneducated guess was it was an IT band issue. Turns out its just a combination of some slight things with my mid back. I’m dropping a shoulder early as well as some other really minor things. The combination however has been affecting my left leg.

Now I’m doing a new round of exercises to help straighten my back out & become more even. So far so good.

How about a physical therapy plug. I’ve been really happy with Therapeutic Associates in Queen Anne. When I started out looking for a Physical Therapist I was looking at the performance based, sports rehab clinics. One of my main concerns was overdoing it so I choose a clinic with a more overall specialty. I was treated by Kerry who turns out to be a triathlete & I was really happy with how my rehab went.

Over the weekend I did got my longest run in so far…Harmony & I ran the outer loop (3.2 miles) at Green Lake in 30 mins. During & after the run I felt great!

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#34 Cannon Ball!

I guess there’s a bunch of new stuff to report since the first of the year. For starters I’ve kept running & its going as good as expected. I’m staying on soft surfaces and not overdoing it. Now that I’ve been running for a bit I’m going to start another round of physical therapy to get some compensation issues addressed. I know its shocking that breaking your femur would have an effect on your running form…

January 22 I’m heading back in to see the Surgeon for a check up. Its been six months since my last x-ray and I’m a little anxious to see how my hip looks. This will really be the first x-ray that would show any signs of avascular necrosis if present. I’m feeling about 90% that all’s well.

I signed up for a technique swim class that starts the beginning of February. (Ok, I’ll say it, I’m taking swim lessons) Hopefully I’ll be able to get level in the water, swimming with my hips 16 inches below my shoulders is getting tiring.

Now that its 08 I’ve been eyeing event calendars with a couple different ideas on A races. One things for sure, I’m not signing up for anything till after my doctors appointment. I added an event calendar to the right with some firm and some not so firm possibilities.

This weekend Harmony & I are off to Mt. Rainier for a weekend of snowshoeing with Bo, Chelsie, Alex & John.

Next week I’ll report on the snowshoeing adventure & what I learned at the visit to the doctor.

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