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#44 Frostbite TT Race Report

Event Results

Sunday was the Frostbite TT. On my way out to Everett that morning I realized it was 11 months to the day since the bike accident where I broke my femur. This was a heck of a way to spend another milestone.

The race consists of a mostly flat, 8 mile out & back. Every 30 seconds a rider takes off to race against the clock. I didn’t pre-register so my start time was at 10:27, that allowed for a couple hours to kill in the parking area. (Plenty of entertainment) About an hour till my start time I put my bike on the trainer & started warming up.


My goals for the race were 1. Have fun 2. Keep a high cadence 3. Feel strong through through the finish. (Oh and not to get hurt)
At the start of the race an official holds your bike so your able to clip in with both feet. After a shot count down your given the go sign, the go sign means peddle like hell! My concern was going out too hard & blowing up, after the first minute or so I settled down & into a good pace. Adrenaline does some great stuff, I was feeling good. About 25% of the way through I was passed by the person that stared after me. He really blew past me & never slowed down. (Nice work #177)


Theres something mental about the turn-around, from there on all I though about was staying strong through to the finish. About 2/3 of the way through I passed the person that started before me & was able to keep a cadence around 100 rpm. I pushed hard through the finish and felt like I gave it a fight.

The details…

Official time 23:39.00

45th in my category (Would have liked to see that a lower number)

Average speed 21.2 mph, Max speed 27.1

Average cadence 97 rmp (Really happy with that)

Average heart rate 170 bpm (Right where I should be)

All and all I would call it a success!

Harmony was with me & she was a real trooper. The morning consisted of a lot of waiting around & a bit of a hike to the start line. THANK YOU HARMONY, I really appreciate your support!

Next weekend is another TT race, this ones 10 miles. If the weather looks favorable I may race.


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#43 Weekend Training

Weekends are for relaxing, right? My weekend didn’t quite end up that way.

It was dry, sunny & WARM weekend in the NW so I had to advantage of it. Saturday I went up to Everett to ride the TT course for next weekends race. I wanted to see how my times would compare to last years results & it looks like I’ll be fine. The 9 mile out & back course is pretty much flat with a couple of large sweeping corners. My plan was to ride it twice, the first time easy & second one pushing it. The first go I totally blew up from a combination of over-heating, a gel trying to crawl its way out of my stomach (via my throat) & not really having a proper warm-up. I stuck with it & by the end was feeling a bit better.

After a quick break I went after it a second time. From the start I felt much better, my muscles were loose & the gel had made it into my digestive tract. My legs & lungs felt strong the only part that was a bit tough was my shoulders in the aero position. My overall time was about a minute slower than I had hoped but overall I was happy. This was also the first time on my new wheels.

I learned a couple things with this trial run. First off its only a 9 mile TT, skip the gels, get a good warm up on the trainer before my start & finally don’t pack on too many clothes I’ll be plenty warm after the first quarter mile.

Sunday Bill & I headed out to Green Lake for a run. Our plan was to do somewhere around 5 miles…this turned out to be 6.5. The total distance kind of snuck up on us, I think the warm weather played a role it it. That the furthest distance I’ve ran so far & there’s no ill effects so far. 🙂

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#42 Hey Rob


My emails must not be getting to you… I’m sending to this address: parksrob at yahoo, is this correct? You can also reach me at travis.kub at gmail. Looking forward to comparing notes.


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#41 It Was Bound To Happen

I knew it was only a matter of time…last week that time came…I’m the owner of a shiny pair of HED.3 carbon fiber tri-spoke wheels!

What makes these so special? I’m glad you asked. Triathlon & Time Trial bicycle racing is a race against the clock & drafting off other riders is not allowed. Aerodynamics play a big part in this type of racing & can provide a sizable advantage.

To understand the aerodynamics of a wheel the first thing to know is a disk wheel is the most aero. This is true because it has the least (none) number of edges cutting the air. The tri-spoke wheels I got only have three edges, therefor they are much more aero than normal spoked wheels but not quite as aero as a disk wheel. Disks aren’t as universal as tri-spokes, wind & poor course conditions can cause problems. For an all around set of race wheels the HED.3’s are a light, strong & a user friendly choice.

[rockyou id=102666832&w=426&h=319]

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#40 Sunshine

For Harmony’s birthday I surprised her with a trip to San Diego. The only real reason for choosing that location was the closest place with some sunshine. Harmony thought we were off to Bellingham for the weekend up till the day before we left.

We flew out Friday afternoon & made it to San Diego in the evening. Our hotel was right in the middle of the Gaslamp District. If I had to compare this area to someplace in Seattle I would have to say its like Pioneer Square. Friday night I treated my vegetarian girlfriend to dinner at a Brazilian all you can eat steakhouse. The moral of the story is learn a little more about a new restaurant before you get a table & order drinks…

Saturday morning we woke up to clear skies & sunshine. We had a quick breakfast on the roof then headed out to the San Diego Zoo. This is the first zoo I have been to outside of WA. It was way bigger & better put together than anything I had seen. Our tour of the zoo was on the fast track, I think were there for about 2.5 hours. Not only was the zoo impressive but the whole Balboa Park area was great.

After the park we back Downtown for lunch. We found a Mexican restaurant with sunny outdoor seating, it may have only been 60 outside but to us it felt like 80. After lunch we just walked around always staying on the sunny side of the street. It was just what we needed.

We got back to the hotel late afternoon, as we were heading in a couple was checking out that had “Theater” tickets they weren’t going to use. This show was running for 13 or so years in San Diego and was highly reviewed. To avoid hurting anyones feeling or being brought up on slander charges the show will remain nameless… It was beyond bad, the only thing I could think of is this is the Wal-Mart of theater…

Sunday morning we woke up to Seattle-like weather, it was raining & blowing. I took a little wrong turn on our way to breakfast and we got soaked to the bone…guess that was a sign that it was time to head home.

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