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Joe Friel’s book The Triathlon Training Bible stresses the fact that a successful training plan is a combination of science & art. The science is the easy part, it includes numbers, times, facts, schedules & such. The tricky part is the art, this is knowing when to make changes to the plan to suit cretin situations or circumstances.

This week I’ve come to the “art” part. I was to start my forth base 1 week this week, next week was scheduled to be a low volume rest week to recharge. Things didn’t go as planned, my right ankle started giving me problems after Sundays run, Tuesday it really started to hurt so I decided to make some adjustments. I’m treating this week as the low volume rest week & adding an additional week to my base 2 duration.

Today I went in to see the Physical Therapist to try and figure out what’s going on. Her main concern was the amount of swelling & the way my foot was collapsing to the inside when I walked. Its tough to tell if the collapse is the cause or a symptom of something else. For the rest of the week I’m going to stick to the bike & swimming to see if it gets better.

Looks like Harmony isn’t the only artist in the house…


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Today’s the day…The one year anniversary of my accident… (link to accident report)

I’m happy to report I’m 100% & most likely in better physical condition than I was in prior to the accident. In someways this past year has been the slowest one I can remember, five months on crutches can do that. In other aspects the year has flown by. Things like planning a 2008 race schedule & actually racing again have brought in prospective how quickly I’ve recovered.

To get to where I am required a combination of things including hard work, a positive attitude, following directions, a bit of luck & most important of all the support from my friends and family. The list of people that have helped me through this is a loooooong one! Some of the people on the list didn’t really even know they were offering so much support.

My medical team was fantastic. (University of Washington Doctors, Therapeutic Associates & Turning Point Acupuncture)

Not only am I in better physical condition now but I’m also in better mental condition for training & racing. Keeping a positive attitude & outlook through the recovery was good mental training. I’m also smarter now, knowing when not to push things too far. (Like doing 30 m.p.h. down a steep hill with a hairpin turn in the rain)

Thanks again to everyone that helped my through this ordeal, especially Harmony. She did everything from sponge baths to being my personal taxi service for quite a few months. She has even been able support & watch me get back into training/racing. THANK YOU!

I’m not going to forget this experience but I am going to try and put it behind me a bit. Now its all about seeing what I can accomplish & how much fun can be had while doing it…

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Its a wet Easter Sunday afternoond here in Seattle & I’ve finished training for the week. In the end my volume was just a bit lower than I was aiming for but I was happy with the intensity I put out. Overall here’s what the week looked like. (Click on the graphic for a more detailed account)


For the most part I felt pretty good throughout the week (even after racing the 15k) I was pretty tired & more hungry than normal.

Next week I have the forth base one week then its followed by a rest week.

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#50 Lake Stevens 70.3

Well I’m committed now…Last night I registered for the Lake Stevens 70.3 triathlon…

This is the race I was training for last year when I got injured. It was a struggle to decide if it was going to make it on the race schedule this year or not but I want another go at it, see you in July!

Lake Stevens 70.3 Triathlon

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Last weekend Harmony & I headed to Portland. Chelsie was having her baby shower there, hanging out with the crew From PDX was overdue & Sunday was the Shamrock Run. Friday evening was pretty uneventful, we met with a group for happy hour then spent some time Downtown Portland. Later that evening we met up with Sitter & Jonas out at Sara’s place.

Saturday morning Harmony & Sara headed off the baby shower & I met up with John at Club Sport. Now this is what a gym should be, it was huge, very well put together & most likely expensive to join…

I swam for about 35 minutes & squeezed in 1250 yards. The swimming lessons are really helping, its amazing how technique equals endurance… (side note, lifeguards don’t look as nervous while I’m in the pool)

Saturday night was a salmon BBQ at Sara’s with the usual suspects, I ate so much that I almost had to purge.

On to the race:

Marking anniversaries & milestones since my broken femur is getting a little old, after this weekend & the next its going to be a thing of the past. The Shamrock Run marks the 51st week since my accident. The thing that stands out to me here is that the doctors told me it would be at least a year till I could run again & at that it wouldn’t feel “right”. In less than a year I’ve gotten back to running & it feels fine.

Going into the race my biggest problem was deciding what distance to run. (8k or 15k) If I choose the 8k I would be able to run with Harmony & I wouldn’t be pushing it physically. If I went with the 15 k it would be my longest run so far that included quite a bit of hills. I ended up going with the 15k race. (Shocking I know)

2008 Portland Shamrock Run 15k

Going into the race I didn’t have any specific time goals. I wanted to have fun, feel strong & most of all not get hurt or push it too hard. The morning of the race a good sized group of us all met downtown. Most of the people I had ran with onetime or another & it was good to see everyone again.
I started the race nice and easy, I knew there were a ton of hills to come. At about the two mile mark I picked it up & kept an eye on my heart rate, I knew if I kept it in the low 160’s I should be fine. Turns out everyone was right…there was quite a bit of elevation change through the run. I felt strong throughout the race, didn’t feel like I was pushing it too hard & had fun. My final time was 1:20.08, I was really happy with that outcome. Harmony & Gretchen ran the 8k together & from the sounds of it they had a good run, Harmony’s ready for more.


After the race we headed over to Sara’s parents house for breakfast. It was the first time I had seen Mr. & Mrs. Sitter since Ironman CDA. I could sit and talk with Mr. Sitter for hours but we had a long drive ahead of us so we had to keep it on the short side.

It turned out to be a great weekend, Sara & Jonas were great hosts and getting out of town with Harmony is always fun.

Next race…The Carnation TT #1. (April 6th)

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I’ve been really down on Seattle weather for the past year. The last couple winters have been worse than normal & last summer was relatively cool and unpredictable.

However yesterday (March 11th) I had a reminder of how nice the NW can be. I got off work at 5pm, made my whopping three block commute home & had dinner. My evening plan was an hour bike workout, doing that indoors on the trainer is less than fun…

Instead I hoped on my bike at 6pm, headed out my front door and got in a 19 mile workout before dark. The weather was warm enough to be comfortable in a long sleeve jersey & the traffic wasn’t bad.

I hear from friends in other parts of the country that still have snow on the ground & sub-zero temperatures. Seattle may not have San Diego’s 75 degree avg temperature but its not so bad…

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#47 Its a Virus!

The company I work for (Bullseye Creative) has recently started a new devision to focus on “viral marketing” videos. Here’s a quick overview on viral video marketing. Reaching consumers is becoming more and more difficult. Breaking through clutter people are inundated with becomes more challenging each day.

A viral video focuses on creativity & delivery to sell a message or product. The goal is to produce something consumers are compelled to pass along to others. This works as a personal endorsement as well as a vehicle to get the message in as many hands as possible.

Here’s an example of a great viral video. Once you watch the whole thing (about 90 seconds) you’ll see the connection to triathlon & training.


Enjoy & remember the message…

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