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Anyones that had an eye on my training log knows I haven’t been up to much. This sudden drop in activity has been a combination of my knee & moving.

I’ll start with the move, its done & yes it was a pain in the ass. Our new apartment is 90% put together & it should be finished up by the end of the weekend. So far I’m really happy with the new place, its small but has some nice features. The neighborhood is MUCH more colorful than the upper-middle class, anglo, Queen Anne area we moved from. When I say colorful I mean in every way imaginable. We’re blocks away from the University gym & since Harmony are shacking up I get a free membership. (Two 25 yard pools 3 blocks away) I’ll post some pictures once I have them.

Now to the knee, I’m still fighting some issues. It doesn’t seem to be anything major but just some leftover changes in body mechanics post broken leg. I’m still seeing the Physical Therapist & the improvements are materializing slowly. Yesterday I ran about 4.5 miles it hurt the whole time, I’ve been told to go ahead and run on it…

I need to kick it in gear, I’m 11 days away from the first triathlon of the season.


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#58 Just Another Week

One more week down & this one was a little disappointing. My knee has been giving me a lot of problems since the Mt Si race. I’ve been in to see the Physical Therapist & we’re working on getting it fixed. The good news is it seems to be a minor issue causing the pain rather than an injury. Wednesday I tried to run but only made it 10 minutes. Sunday I was able to get a few miles in but it was painful.

The other disappointment over the last week was the weather. After a sunny weekend that saw temperatures near 80, the Pacific Northwest was hit with COLD temperatures & snow. This meant bike workouts were all done indoors on the trainer. At this point workouts are getting a bit long to suffer through the boredom of spinning indoors. The upcoming week looks a bit warmer than the last but not quite the spring weather we had a couple weeks ago.

My next race is a sprint triathlon on May 10th. Over the weekend it looks like the group racing may have grown. Harmony is thinking about racing the duathlon & Karen may be in for the sprint.

On another note, its been a year since Harmony & I moved. With our lease ending we weighed our options & decided it best to move. The key reason for the change is lowering our rent, that may be a bit of an understatement because we are actually cutting our rent in half. I’ll no longer be two blocks from work but Harmony will be about six blocks from campus. The place we found is smaller than what we currently have but it has some great personality.

The movers are scheduled for this Friday…till then I’m living out of a box…

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#57 Swiming Time Trial

Monday night I did a 1/2 mile time trial in the pool. My final time was 18 minutes, for where I’m at in the season I’m happy with that time. At Lake Stevens in July I would like to finish the swim (1.2 miles) in 30 minutes, so far I think I’m on track.

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#56 Mt. Si Ultra Run Race Report

It was an action packed weekend that started Saturday morning. The sun was shining, it was warm & got out for a bike ride first thing. The route was simple, through Magnolia, Fremont, UW & out to Lake Forest Park. My time was limited so I had to stick with a good pace to squeeze in 50 miles. In the end it was 50 mile in just over 3 hours & it felt like great workout.

Next I was off to meet Harmony at Qwest Feild to hear the Dalai Lama speak. It wasn’t easy to fit it in but how often do you get the chance to hear the dude in orange speak. Much of what he has to share was very simple but if it was practiced regularly (mostly by superpower governments) the world would be a much better place.

For dinner we headed out to the Drews’ for a pre race dinner. Racing on Sunday was myself, Bo, Alex, John & Jonas. Also there for dinner was Chelsie (just about to her due date), Harmony, Terres & her son. The evening was full of debates like who can tapper the longest & it was also Alex’s 31st birthday.

Sunday started early…The gang picked me up at 5am & we were off to North Bend. The Mt. Si Ultra Runs consist of the following, 50 mile solo run, 50k solo run & a 56 mile relay race. Our team of five was doing the relay race. (duh)

In the parking lot we hovered over the course description to decide who got what legs. The legs were divided up when Bo and I made a last minute switch to get me more mileage & less downhill running. What I failed to notice was my second run was a long climb. (More about that later)

Alex led off with leg one just as the sun came over the Cascades, the rest of us jumped in the truck & drove to Fall City for the first hand-off. I was running the second leg, it was 5.6 miles & featured a short uphill start then leveled out for the rest of the run. I felt pretty good but was having problems getting my heart rate up where I’m most comfortable running. (155 to 165 BPM) This may have been due to my legs being a bit tired from Saturday’s bike ride. I finished my first leg at Remlinger Farm with a time of 42 minutes 30 seconds.

John took the third leg honors. This may be a good opportunity to mention John looked like he was on his death bed with a pretty bad cold/flu. Honestly I think he looked better after his first leg, sweat, heavy breathing & being half way done can lift your spirits. Jonas ran leg four back to Fall City & handed off to Bo. At this point we have all ran once & Alex was up for his second shift.

For couple weeks prior to the race I have been fighting some foot & knee issues. My concern was my second leg 7.1 miles of mostly uphill running. When Bo & I traded legs in the morning I forgot to notice in the description the following, “Cross under I-90 & head up the trail to Rattle Snake Lake. Enjoy the climb!!”

The leg started out flat & straight, just as the description said once I crossed under I-90 it was a steady, gradual climb to Rattle Snake Lake. It turned out not to be as bad as I expected it to be. At about the 5 mile mark my knee started to really hurt but what the hell, I was on the last couple miles for the day. My time for the leg was 56 minutes & 45 seconds.

Overall my pace for both legs averaged 7:47.

John took it from there for a loop up a ridge by the lake then passed back off to Jonas who ran the leg I had just ran but in the opposite direction. (Good thing his knees are good, it was a ton of downhill…) Bo got the high five in the exchange area & ran it home. Once the official times are posted I’ll update our time here, I can’t remember what our overall time was.

The race was fun as hell, tons of trash talk (mostly directed at ourselfs) a laugh a second in the truck between exchange points & even a few things that will (hopefully) never get brought up again. All in all it was a great “Man-cation”!

Thanks guys, lets do it again next year.

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I keep going back and fourth on what my final thoughts are on this race. (I’ve even had to rewrite this post a handful of times) The race consisted of a 12.5 mile flat time trial, the first half was pretty straight forward while the second half had its share of corners to negotiate.

Harmony & I got to the staging area about an hour before my start time, the weather was a little chilly but not raining. I got checked in then & then started warming up on the trainer. There was plenty of time before the race but for some reason I felt rushed & didn’t do a very good job warming up.

I was most concerned about starting off too hard and blowing up. Ends up thats pretty much what happened. Right off the bat my heart rate jumped to the high 170’s & I experienced a first…puking while on the bike. The mouthful didn’t really slow me down much but it didn’t feel so hot. The first half of the race I just felt slow & not very strong, it seemed like there was a bit of a head wind but I think I was feeling the way I was due to not getting a good warm up in.

At about the halfway mark I was feeling stronger, this put me in the part of the course with a lot of 45 degree corners. The roads were wet & I’m still a little weary of wet corners so I think I may have been the only one in the race to use my breaks.

The details…

Official time 33 minutes & 57 seconds

45th in my category (Same as the Frostbite TT)

Average speed 22 mph, Max speed 28.5

Average cadence 100 rmp

Average heart rate 166 bpm

Overall I guess I should be happy with the results, I was just hoping to feel stronger.

From my perspective the race was run very well, I know there were a big group people & companies that worked to pull it off. Footworks Cycles, Speedy Reedy & everyone involved deserve a big thank you!

Post race, post dog park nap:

Post Race Nap

My ankle is feeling better & I’ve started running again, next weekend is the Mt. Si Ultra Marathon Relay…the stories from this one should be good…

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#54 Still Holding

This week I’ve stayed in the holding pattern due to my ankle. It tough to get the training volume in when you cut out running. I’m feeling 95% & plan on running this weekend to see how it goes.

Also this weekend is the first Carnation TT, its a flat 12.5 mile course. I know the roads but haven’t ridden them on my bike so this should be interesting. All week I’ve had an eye on the weather…April in Washington…ANYTHING could happen…

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