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Last weekend was the Susan G. Komen Race For the Cure. As much as I love breasts I didn’t run this one…it was all up to Harmony & Jessica. I was busy on the sidelines with cow bell duty.

It was fun to be on the other side of the of the starting like & be there to support Harmony. The race started at Qwest Field then North & South on the viaduct. It was a sea of pink & everyone was really into raising money for Breast Cancer research/activism, celebrating survivors & remembering victims. Harmony & Jessica ran in the first 5k wave. Before I knew it, the race leaders were heading into the finishing stretch & Harmony & Jessica weren’t far behind.

14,500 people ran or walked the event & it raised 1.65 million dollars.

By about 9am we were off to get breakfast.

Susan G Komen Web Site

Seattle P-I Story


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Its been a year now that I’ve been riding a triathlon bike. As a whole it took some getting used to, the position was very different & aero bars are challenging at first. Since the original build, it never shifted all that great. (Actually it shifted like crap) I’d have the bike serviced & it would shift ok for a ride or two then it would go to hell again.

Finally my frustration level hit its max. I called around to find out who was the best mechanic in the Seattle area for this particular problem on my specific make & model. Word on the street was Garrick (spelling?) at Speedy Reedy was the man to see.

On a Friday morning I brought my bike into Speedy Reedy’s to have it looked at. In 10 minutes the problem I had been having for over a year was diagnosed. The derailleur cables were twisted inside the frame. Within a couple hours they had the cables rerouted & the bike shifting like it was supposed to. My long weekend ride was like being on a whole new bike.

Bottom line…need a bike mechanic in Seattle (triathlon or road) head to Speedy Reedy.

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Five Mile Lake Sprint Triathlon, here goes the details. The race was organized by BuDu Racing & they did a great job start to finish. The transition, swim, bike & run courses were all well done.

The swim distance was a 1/4 mile. From the start to the first turn was a little rough, if I wasn’t being swam over I was swimming over someone else. After the first turn it opened up & felt a bit better.

Swim Time 6.37.04

T1 was pretty uneventful. Dried off a little, grabbed my stuff got the hell out of transition.

T1 Time 1.49.06

The Bike course was was two 7 mile loops. It had some fast rolling hills, one nice uphill & some fun corners. Everything went as planned peddled hard & didn’t look up too much 😉 I felt the strongest on the second lap & wish I had splits between the two to know how much faster I was.

Bike Time 39:36.09

T2, in & out!

T2 Time 1:43.06

The run was excellent other than my heart rate monitor strap ending up around my waist after the first half mile. I kept a strong pace throughout & didn’t have any problems with my knee or leg!!! This was also the first time I raced in my new Zoot Ultra Tempo shoes…their light, comfortable (even sock-less) & very easy to transition in.

Run Time 20:32.0 (6:37 Pace!!!)

Total Time 1:15.19

Overall Finish 32nd

Age Group Finish 5th

All said & done it was a great race (pat on the back to BuDu Racing) I’d do this race again. I think I’ve said this before but…Bring on Lake Stevens!

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