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#73 Century

Since the Lake Stevens race I haven’t trained much, I’ve swam a few times, did a 70 mile bike ride & went on vacation for a week…

Saturday I had the opportunity to join a group that’s training for Ironman Canada for 100+ ride. This was my first oppertunity to cross the century mark on a bicycle. Its quite a milestone & one I was looking forward to. My only hesitation was for the three days I had been back from Mexico I was fighting a cold & non-stop stomach cramps. Nothing like a challenge right?

At 5:45 am I met Jessica & Erica in the hood. (23rd & Yestler) From there we headed to UW to meet up with Jerry who was providing the directions for the ride. I knew we were heading east & at some point would see North Bend. The route was great, other than a couple stretches there wasn’t much traffic & good road surfaces. We went through Woodenville, Redmond, Fall City, Snoqualmie, North Bend, Bellevue, & Mercer Island. The entire ride we only stopped for one 15 minute break.

This was an honest century…it included some pretty good hills. My Garmin put the ascent at over 4500 ft. The two biggest hills were going up Snoqualmie Falls as well as going over Tolt Hill.

I felt strong till about the 85 mile mark, at that point I started to feel the affects of vacation & fighting off the cold. (Luckily the stomach cramps held off till after the ride) The final mileage was 107.10 & I was beat.

Here’s a screen shot of the route & elevation profile. (Click for larger view)

If you want more detailed directions for this route post a comment & I can send you the Google Earth file.


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#72 Vacation!

A relaxing vacation was WAY OVERDUE. Harmony & I headed to Porta Vallarta for a week to relax by the pool. This time of year is kind of the off season there, it was HOT, a bit humid & there were some amaxing thunder storms. We stayed at the CasaMagna Marriott Resort & Spa, it was only about 10 minutes from the airport & was just what we had in mind. The resort was right on the beach with a great pool & a variety of restaurants.

In six days we only left the resort twice & that may have been two too many times. Once we went into PV to get a taste of Mexico. We had a great dinner but other than that our take was we would rather be back at the Marriott by the pool.

The only other time we left was to go the Rythms of the Night dinner show. This consisted of about an hour boat cruse to a candel lit resort with a ancient Mexican dance preformance then a candel lit dinner. The thunder, lightning & rain hit just as we were getting off the boat but it was still enjoyable.

Other than the two outings all we did was relax. Almost everyday looked something like this, first room service would deliver breakfast. We would be pool side by 11am, lunch would be brought right to our lounge chairs & there were frequent dips in the pool to cool off. Around 5 we would head up to the room, shower then have dinner someplace at the resort. After dinner was some ice cream then the next thing you knew it was time to do it all over again. I read two great books, never exercised, checked email or voice mail…I did however get a sunburn, ate way too much & missed the dogs a bit…

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This race was a long time in the coming…

I was up at 3am Sunday morning, the night before the race I surprisingly slept great. First thing I did was start eating, pro-bar, yogurt, banana & three Hammer Endurolyte supplements. Everything was packed the night before & my bike was already in transitions so Harmony & I were out of the house pretty quick.

Driving up to Lake Stevens there was a little rain…I was confident it would break by Everett & it did. I was getting marked & walking into transition just as the sun came up. It took about 20 minutes to get all my stuff situated & I ran into a ton of people I knew that were racing. At about 6am I grabbed my wetsuit & headed over the the swim start area. I expected a ton of nerves at this point but it turned out to be just excitement to get started. At about 6:20am I got in the water and it was shocking…shockingly warm! I can’t remember the announced temp but it was over 72 degrees I know that. (No wetsuits for the pros)

The beginning of the race was a deep water floating start & we had about a minute to float before the horn went off. As soon as the race started I got kicked hard right in the nose but a few seconds later I forgot it even happened. My plan for the swim was to keep my heart rate from skyrocketing & turning my already poor swim stroke even worse. Everything went as planned, I swam the entire 1.2 miles freestyle & never stopped. My goal was 40 minutes but I didn’t quite make it.

Swim Time 46:03

I had to run to the top of the transition area to get to my bike. My transition time was ok considering I had just swam 1.2 miles & I decided to wear socks.

T1 2:20

The bike leg went great but it didn’t feel the way I expected it to. I seemed to be in a group of about 20 people that traded off positions through both loops. There was very little drafting & what there was didn’t seem to be on purpose. On the bike I was eating shot blocks & taking in a good amount of water.

My numbers on the bike looked like this:
Avg Pace 3:00/mi
Avg Speed 19.9 MPH
Max Speed 45 mph (That was fun)
Avg Cadence 94 RPM
Avg Heart Rate 155BPM

My goal on the bike was between two hours fifty minutes & three hours.

Bike Time: 2:49:58 (Nailed it)

Nothing too exciting, it would have been a little faster but I had to adjust my timing chip.

T2 Time 1:42

Coming right out of transition was Harmony, Jamie (with a sign) & Monza. Initial thought on the run…this may hurt a little…or a lot…

From the beginning my stomach was really upset. I think I should have taken in some solid food on the bike rather than just shot blocks. (Race & learn) The first loop of the run sucked. I stopped at three or four Honey Buckets trying to take a crap, I finally had a little progress that helped my stomach. Along the way I also got some solid food down that also made me feel a bit better.

The second loop of the run felt better but I don’t think I was any faster than the first. It was great to see Harmony, Jamie & Kerry cheering from the sidelines. I didn’t really have a specific goal in-mind for the run but I know I could have done better without all the Honey Bucket stops.

Run Time: 2:06

Final Race Time: 5:45:49

The race was well organized, the volunteers did a great job & Harmony gets the biggest thanks for supporting me for the past year and a half through a ton of ups & downs. All my friends have also been a huge support!

What’s next seems to be a question I’m asking myself & one I’m starting to hear from others. The next scheduled adventure is a week in Puerto Vallarta the end of July. Sun, sand & relaxation…

Nothings for sure yet but there’s a couple of local races I’m interested in and…I’m putting serious thought into racing the Silverman half Nov 9th in Las Vegas…

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Last weekend I finished up my long workouts, Saturday was a 56 mile ride (in crazy heat) & Sunday I ran 10 miles at what will hopefully be my race pace. This week the plan is to get some short high intensity workouts in along with some rest & relaxation to recharge.

Training isn’t like studying for an exam where you can cram at the end. Going in to this race I feel positive with my training. Of course I wish I had more open water swims in, & maybe a few more miles running but overall I feel like I’m in a good spot. After all last year when this race came around I was still on crutches…

This race is still a week away but I’m already thinking of what my next A race will be, oh the possibilities!

Looking forward to race weekend the conditions look great, mid 70’s with possible scattered clouds. If your looking for something to do on Sunday about a 1000 people from around the world will be swimming 1.2 miles, biking 56 miles & running 13.1 miles in Lake Stevens all for the fun of it…

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