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#94 Winter In Seattle

Its been quite the month here in Seattle. Since my last post here’s laundry list of things that have transpired:

My Birthday (34th, OUTCH)

Moved in the snow & ice (Great new apartment)

Sick for a week

The most snow that I’ve ever seen in Seattle

A White Christmas

The weather may be the most notable item on the list. Seattle normally doesn’t get more than a light dusting of snow & temperatures rarely dip below freezing. All that changed this year, Capitol Hill had 10-12 inches of snow at the peak & there was snow on the ground for close to two weeks.

Timing is everything, right? In the middle of this weather Harmony & I had plans to move to our new apartment. The movers were scheduled the Friday after the first round of snow & on a day the high temperature was only in the mid 20’s. The day had its challenges but we surprisingly got moved…



Our new apartment is great. It’s much larger than our last shoebox & in a well cared for turn of the century building. (Not kidding our square footage doubled) One of the biggest highlights is I have a small room just for my bikes. I’m able to keep one bike setup on the trainer & the rest of my triathlon treasures in the room. The room has a couple nicknames but I’ll keep those to myself. Another highlight is the location, one block away from Harmony’s shop at Seattle University.(I’ll post more pictures once we get all the new furniture)


Christmas turned out to be quite the adventure. Harmony & I had our gift exchange Christmas Eve morning. We opened presents as the snow came dumping down outside. The next adventure for the day was getting over to Poulsbo. Luckily once we got off the hill the snow turned to a mix of snow & rain, the roads were manageable. Christmas Eve consisted of a deep fried prime rib at Dad’s with Harmony, Dad, Nancy, Sean & Erica. (And the four grand-dogs)





Christmas morning we woke up to…MORE %&#@$!* SNOW! At this point I’m totally sick of the white stuff. We left my car at Dad’s & took his SUV out to my aunt’s for another prime rib dinner. I think about 15 of us made it there including Kim & Allan from Duvall as well as Don from Olympia. The low-light of the day was Lady the dog eating rat poison. (I’ll skip the details) So far…she’s alive. That was her second close call in one week from eating something she shouldn’t have. She’s either suicidal or has a serious eating disorder.

NOTE: If you ever need to make a dog throw-up use a 1:1 mix of hydrogen peroxide & water, force it down and wait for it to come back up…

Post Christmas Harmony & I made it home to set out on a couple shopping adventures to get more furniture to fill up the bigger apartment.

Training for the last couple weeks was less than impressive. Due to the weather & the holidays my prescribed workout schedule was drastically cutback. As it turns out I wasn’t even able to get all the cutback workouts in. That will all change next week, the volume & intensity will be going back up. 236 days till Ironman.


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Friday Packet Pick-up

Friday Packet Pick-up

Ok, this was my first crack at the full 26.2 marathon distance. Going into the race I felt healthy, well trained & up for the challenge. The night before the race I got all my loose ends tied up. My clothes were all laid out, I had breakfast on the counter & ready to cook as well as my bag packed. I woke up at 2:30 am, took a leak & took a handful of Acid Zapper (its best on an empty stomach) then went back to bed till 3:45am. It didn’t really feel like I ever got into deep sleep the whole night but I still felt rested when I got up.

For breakfast I had a bowl of oat meal with raisins, banana, Cliff bar & a cup of coffee. Harmony & I were out the door at 4:15. There wasn’t any traffic & parking was easier than expected so we were nice and early. It was cold so I bundled up with extra clothes that I’d pass off to Harmony right before the start.



The time went quite quickly & before I knew it I was stripping down & getting ready to run. I started the race close to the front of the pack, this turned out to be a good move due to the number of people. The start of a marathon is NOTHING like the start of a triathlon, its much, much easier. A LOUD 6am fireworks show signaled the start of the race.

Thank you for all your help Harmony, I couldn't have done it without you!

Thank you for all your help Harmony, I couldn't have done it without you!

About to start

About to start

I had splits on the back of my race number 3, 6, 9 & 12 mile marks. I wanted to stay conservative for the first half so I used a 9 minute mile pace for the splits. For the first three miles I figured I was way off, turns out I was within a minute of where I wanted to be. The first half of the race was really easy & I continued to stay within a minute of all my pre-determined splits.

The first six or so miles of the course are fun to run, their right down the strip. The remaining 20 miles are through North Vegas & not very scenic or safe after dark I imagine. 😉


20 out of 26 miles looked like this...

My plan for nutrition was simple & it worked well. I took one GU 15 minutes before the race & had four more with me, every 45 minutes I consumed another. Dehydration wasn’t a big concern but Honey Bucket stops were so I kept the water/Gatorade intake low.

A little past the half way mark the course takes a turn onto Torry Pines Dr, from this point on I started pushing it. My pace went from 9 minute miles to about :7.35. I felt strong all the way up till about the 22 mile mark. 22 through 25 were painful & I felt like I was running on empty. I walked two water stops but other than that kept running. Some how I was able to find a little gas in the tank to put in a good effort for the last 200 yards or so. After the race I was tired & stiff, Harmony headed into the Mandalay Bay for breakfast.

Setting out my goal was 3:40, my offical time was 3:34.03 with a negative split. (Second half faster than the first half) Overall I finished 365th of 11,000+ & was 59th in my age group.

Link to professional photos. If you click the Buy button then click the photo on the next page you get a larger view without having to buy it.

While we were in Vegas Harmony & I stayed with her Aunt Roni & Uncle Mike. It was great to get to meet them, they put us up in a beautiful house & gave us the truck to drive while we were there.

Post race I actually got TWO days off to recover, Wednesday I was back in the pool. The next big race is 254 days away…Bring on Ironman Canada! (And a ton more training)

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#92 Race-eve

The only thing left to do is to run this thing. All the workouts are in the books, my packets picked up & I’m stuffed with pasta. Tomorrow I’ll be up & out the door at 4am then running at 6:05am.

While I feel totally prepared there are nervous moments…

You may be able to check splits tomorrow online at http://www.lvmarathon.com, bib number 2136.

I’ll keep evryone posted on how this shakes out!

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#91 iPhone Test

It’s been a hell of a week..I won’t get into the details.

This evening Harmony & I fly out to Las Vegas for Sunday’s marathon. Wanting to pack light I figured leaving my laptop at home would be a good idea. This will be a good chance to test updating my blog via the WordPress iPhone app. The post your reading has been published from my phone. I’ll even try to upload a photo.

As far as the marathon goes, I’m ready! The first 13.1 miles I’m going to try & stay conservative then run the hell out of the second half.

Stay tunned from for reports from Sin City…

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