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#97 The Weather

I’ve lived in the Northwest long enough to know that the seven day weather forecast is a crap shoot but look at this beautiful January week:

Seattle Weather Forcast

I have one more week of heavier training before I get a “rest” week. This week is going to be a a fun one, I have a handful of work & social commitments to juggle along with this workout schedule:


:30 easy run

3000 yards in the pool


1:30 ride with 30X1 minute big gear intervals


1:20 threshold run, 20 min warm up, 8X800 at 10km race pace on 400 easy, 15 min cool down

3000 yards in the pool


:30 easy ride

:30 easy run


1:00 run with 12X1 minute uphill strong (zone 4)

3000 yards in the pool


1:30 ride, 2X15 min half Ironman pace + 5 min zone 4 on 10 min easy

3000 yards in the pool


1:30 ride, 4X5 min big gear on 2 min easy

1:30 run with 20 min at half marathon pace


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#96 Speed Work

As I mentioned in the last post my training is focusing on speed work for a bit. Last week consisted of a couple really fun workouts.

The first one was Wednesday night in a total downpour & on a track that had areas of standing water that were six inches deep. The workout was an 1:10 total with 5X800 at 5km pace on 400m easy. As I have a tendency to do, I started the intervals WAY TOO FAST & the whole workout was brutal. (Splashing in the water was kinda fun)

Friday’s run workout was :45 total and had 12, 1 min hill repeats. Luckily it was dry for this one.

This week is more of the same!

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I for one am glad the holidays are over and life can get back to some sort of normalcy. (Whatever that is)

This past weekend I got a couple great workouts in, Friday night I swam 30×100 & Saturday I actually got outside for a bike workout. The rubber met the road for 90 minutes of fun in 36 degree temps…at least it was dry!

For the next couple months my training is going to focus on speed. Workouts will be heavy with interval & threshold intensity. I’ll become really familiar with the track & treadmill.

Now that its 2009 I figured I better get my race schedule for the year put together. This is what it looks like:

2/8/09 Love ’em or leave ’em 5k run

3/15/09 St. Patrick’s Day Run (Distance TBD)

3/22/09 Mercer Island 10k run

3/29/09 Carnation TT #1 (Short course)

4/19/09 Mt. Si Ultra Marathon RELAY

5/10/09 Carnation TT#2 (Hill course)

5/24/09 Onionman Olympic Triathlon

6/13/09 Boise 70.3 Triathlon

6/27/09 Carnation TT #3 (Long course)

8/2/09 Troika 70.3 Triathlon (This one may get cut)

8/30/09 Ironman Canada Triathlon

Its a pretty full schedule but if things go close to as planned I can do it. Hopefully I’ll also to get a sprint tri or two squeezed in for fun.

Now it just needs to stop snowing, theres another fresh inch on the ground…

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