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#122 Weather Report

This is unheard of for Seattle…


&#@% HOT

Update: It happened…Seattle set a new all time high temperature record 103 degrees Fahrenheit. This wasn’t a new record for a specific calendar day or month but hottest day in Seattle since temperatures were collected.

This happened to be on the same day that I had 2:30 of running on my schedule…I made it but it was a bitch!


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#121 Long Hot Week

This is my second week of a three week Ironman focused build, of the three weeks this one will have the highest volume. Just so happens its landing on what may turn out to be the hottest week on record in Seattle. The forecast is mid to upper 90’s with the chance of climbing over 100 on Wednesday. I’m looking forward to 2:30 of running on Wednesday…bring on the heat! The high temps have been helpful for race prep, there’s a good possibility it will be this hot in Penticton for Ironman Canada. I’ve learned things like my favorite running shorts cause debilitating chafing when its this hot.

Last week I broke the 100 mile mark on my long ride & still had a little left in the tank for a good :30 transition run. My long runs were solid & tempo run was fast.

All this sunshine I’ve been able to work on topping last years ridiculous tan lines! This week I switched to tri shorts that are about 2″ shorter than my cycling shorts. My legs look like neapolitan ice cream. Tan brown (chocolate), burnt red (strawberry) & honky white (vanilla). Sorry…no pictures.

Just trying to stay hydrated, fueled, rested & somewhat sane!!!

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#120 Fourty Days Out

So here’s a rundown of my next 40 days of training…

This is an email I got from my coach Sunday night:

here s the plan travis to imc 6 weeks out!

Week build 1  16h!!!! (this coming week)

Week build 2  a tiny bit more…but very similar

Week Build 3 Repeat week 2

Taper week 1 Still lots of riding and swimming but running goes down

Taper week 2 ride and swim start to come down

Race week  very light

So….now, you are entering a 3 weeks build period. I want you to see it as a ”tour de france” kind of thing… no point in been a heros on day 3 or 4 if you are to explode on day 16…. so all you have to do is PACE yourself so you can do a solid STEADY 21 days, then, getting into the taper…  So, be on the conservative side of thing in your effort…one day at the time!

ok   how are you feeling this weekend? tired? good?


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#119 Saved by a Snickers

I better write a little about last week before this week is over…

I survived my first full week of an Ironman focused build however it came with its challenges. First, work was really busy, I had a potential client in town & a big presentation to give. The weather was beautiful/hot, temps in Seattle got in the mid 80’s. A holiday weekend that thankfully provided three days off in a row as well as a near miss with a car that turned into a hit & run accident. (I wasn’t the driver…I was the target)

Workout wise the volume & intensity was tough. Wednesday I had my first double run day, one long-ish run with intervals followed up with a shorter low intensity run. For the second run I did 20 minutes bare foot & found it surprisingly comfortable. I did it just to mix things up but there is some solid research that shows a little time running barefoot can be beneficial in building foot muscles & improving form.

Saturday morning I got a great open water swim in, I wish I could have saved it for a race rather than wasting it during training. (I seem to not have a ton of good swims in me, their really hit & miss)

Sunday was my long bike day, 4:30 then a :20 transition run. The first hour on the bike was pretty brutal, I didn’t feel like I had much in the tank & the long week was catching up with me. Once I hit two hours there were physical & mental improvements. A little past the half way mark I stopped to pick up a cold drink & a Snickers, I’ve got to say the Snickers had the needed sugar & calorie boost I needed. I made it home just two minutes shy of 4:30 & just over 80 miles. The run that followed the bike hurt but that wasn’t unexpected.

The majority of my training is done solo, there’s plenty of time to think to yourself while plugging through the miles. This weeks common theme was just how ridicules this amount of training is. Two workouts a day & around 20 hours a week is a little nuts but believe it or not I’m enjoying it. Here are a random collection of non-fitness byproducts that this level of training produce:

– More workouts start clothes that already stink than don’t

– I can blow snot rockets with deadly accuracy

– Drinking from a bike bottle feels more natural than a glass

– I have to shave odd growths off my feet

– There always seem to be a wet suit hanging in the shower

This is a list that I’m sure will continue to grow over the summer…

If your on twitter be sure to go to http://livestrongaction.org/avatar and get a livestrong wristband for your photo. Lance Armstrong is racing the tour again & raising money/awareness for cancer research.

50 days till Ironman Canada, my bike & run are feeling great, just hoping my swim starts coming around.

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