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#130 Holy Hiatus

I know…this break got a little out of hand. While its nice to be 100% physically (nothing hurts) it was really a mental break that I needed. Two training sessions a day for just under a year took a toll on me in ways that go far beyond physical. The year also was hard on Harmony. While my current motivation level in picking up…looking back I still don’t know how I stuck to the work last year.

Last weekend I swam for the FIRST time since Ironman, it wasn’t as ugly as I expected but no matter what distances I race this year I need to spend some serious time in the pool. I still haven’t finalized a race schedule for 2010 but there is a list of possibilities, as soon as its final I’ll get it posted here. However, you can count on one thing…half Ironman will be the longest distance for me in 2010. Hopefully there will be a 2010 race schedule posted in a week or so.


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