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I just remembered I have a blog…

Summer has been really slow to arrive in Seattle, so has my motivation to get back into a regular training. I have finally got consistent with daily workouts and have even had a few double workout days. My race schedule for this year isn’t all that impressive but I have some sprint and olympic distance races planned. If everything goes well I’d like to add a half ironman in September and possibly a winter marathon (someplace south).

Since being back to training one of the things I’ve noticed is that I don’t hate to swim like I did last summer. I think (last summer) I was too worried about that Ironman swim that I couldn’t enjoy my time in the water. So far this summer swimming in the pool and lake have been much more pleasant and my swim fitness didn’t loose as much as I feared it had. My bike is ok up to about the 50 mile mark and my run is fast up to about 8 miles. Another bonus from consistent training is an overall improvement in my mood.

Harmony and I have settled into what we’re calling the “lake house”, our new place is a couple blocks off Lake Washington. Being right by the lake and having a small yard for the dogs has been a great chance after years of city apartments.

While this (racing) season will be over before we know it I’m already thinking about 2011. I’m not totally sure what’s in-store but I do know I want to get faster than I was in 2009 while achieving a balance. I’m not sure how that’s going to happen yet but I guess that’s part of the adventure.


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