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#130 Holy Hiatus

I know…this break got a little out of hand. While its nice to be 100% physically (nothing hurts) it was really a mental break that I needed. Two training sessions a day for just under a year took a toll on me in ways that go far beyond physical. The year also was hard on Harmony. While my current motivation level in picking up…looking back I still don’t know how I stuck to the work last year.

Last weekend I swam for the FIRST time since Ironman, it wasn’t as ugly as I expected but no matter what distances I race this year I need to spend some serious time in the pool. I still haven’t finalized a race schedule for 2010 but there is a list of possibilities, as soon as its final I’ll get it posted here. However, you can count on one thing…half Ironman will be the longest distance for me in 2010. Hopefully there will be a 2010 race schedule posted in a week or so.


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#129 Fat Lazy Slob Report

Enough with the race reports…here’s a fat lazy slob report.

Since Ironman I’ve run twice, biked twice & swam a big fat zero times! Here are some other things I’ve been able to avoid since Ironman:

— I’ve worn no spandex

— Haven’t shaved anything out of the ordinary (face being ordinary)

— Ingested any supplements or products with names like GU

— Read any triathlon related forums

— Experienced a rash from 100+ mile bike rides

For the first post-race month I was ok with this, now that were nearing two months post-race I’m starting to feel a little bad about it. All the free time has been nice but not having something to work toward or a bit of structure is getting to me. Looking back its hard to believe that I was able to stay motivated day after day to train.

I was kicking around the possibility of the Seattle marathon in November but I’m starting to think that’s not really all that great of an idea. I think between now and the end of the year I’ll stick with a “slightly structured” training regiment. Coach says this is a pretty normal feeling and once my body’s ready I’ll be ready to kick it into gear again. However I do need to get my ass back in the pool, I don’t want to start that again at ground zero. Possibly the Whidbey Island marathon, any takers?

Congratulations to Sitter, I’ve heard rumor that she PR’ed at the Nike  Women’s Half Marathon last weekend in San Francisco.

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#127 Penticton BC IMC

Wednesday we made it to Penticton BC. The drive was long-ish but through some beautiful mountains. So far I don’t think I forgot anything…

Thursday I checked in, got my packet & the all important competitors bracelet. I expected the stress/butterflies would start at that point but they didn’t. After checking in I called Bank of America for the third time to get my credit card reactivated. Hopefully the third times a charm…if there’s a fourth hold put on my account I’m moving my millions to a new bank when I get home. (Sorry Mom)

For lunch I met with my coach face to face for the first time after working together for almost a year. We went over the specific plan for race day, the major take away was pacing. For the first 6 or so hours of the race I’ll be focused on not doing anything “silly” as coach called it!

I spent about 45 minutes in the lake during the afternoon, the waters great. There was a little afternoon chop but race morning should be pretty calm (knock on wood). After the swim I rode the first section of the bike course, this included the climb after turning on to McLean Creek Road. There were a ton of other people out getting a feel for the first 15 miles. This stretch will double as the run course later in the day on Sunday, I was riding it at about the same time of day that I’ll (hopefully) be running it on race day. Looks like I should expect a pretty strong headwind for the second half of the run on race day…

My foot continues to feel better, hopefully with a little more therapy & rest it won’t give me any problems on race day, but if it does I guess thats all part of the game 😉

The weathers warm with low humidity, Saturday has the chance of some thunder showers & race day looks to be in the low 90.

A little later tonight Harmony & I will head out to pickup Sara at the airport.

Sunday the race can be followed online at http://www.ironman.com, look for the callout for tracking Ironman Canada. You can search for me by name or bib number 532. Between now and they I’m trying to make updates to http://www.twitter.com/dumb_focus.

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#122 Weather Report

This is unheard of for Seattle…


&#@% HOT

Update: It happened…Seattle set a new all time high temperature record 103 degrees Fahrenheit. This wasn’t a new record for a specific calendar day or month but hottest day in Seattle since temperatures were collected.

This happened to be on the same day that I had 2:30 of running on my schedule…I made it but it was a bitch!

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Positions filled, thank you.

Bullseye Creative is looking to hire a Seattle area web designer/developer.

Full job description here:

Bullseye Creative web designer job description PDF

(Please no recruiters, placement agencies or individuals seeking contract work)

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Being that I don’t have a TV, I’m always impressed with live online sports coverage. The live NCAA tournament coverage online is impressive, check it out:


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#102 Consistency

Like I mentioned in the previous post there hasn’t been a lack of content for the blog just a lack of time for writing. My training schedule has become quite time consuming, I keep hearing from my coach that consistency is the key. The beginning of March I actually got my first real off day. I’ve had light days, short workout days but this was the first OFF day since December. The biggest benefit was just the reduced stress of not worrying about how to squeeze in workouts & trying to get home asap to spend time with Harmony & the girls.

Currently my typical week consist of:
Four swim workouts, 3 at 3000 yards & 1 at 2000 yards
Three bike workouts focusing on intervals & threshold work
Four to five run workouts that are either focused on intervals or going long while finishing FAST

The weather here is Seattle has been total crap so I’ve been getting in a ton of miles on the treadmill & bike trainer. These are the most boring miles to slog through but they’ll pay off in the long run.

Framiliar Site

Familiar Sight

I do feel like I’m getting faster & stronger in all three disciplines. Long runs finish with a pace in the mid 7:00’s, 3000 yard swim workouts are actually manageable (but just barley) & when I get outside on the bike I feel the results of all the trainer miles.

Here’s a random list of highlights or low-lights from the past month:

The racing schedule is picking up, a couple of upcoming races are ones I did last year so they’ll be good for measuring improvements.
I started using twitter to follow some other peoples updates but occasionally post my own, check it out. http://twitter.com/dumb_focus
Embarrassing moments in training…as I mentioned the weather in Seattle has been pretty bad. To protect my nipples during outdoor runs I’ve been using band aids. (If this is totally foreign to you either live in a Southern location or have not trained much) Some days I forget to pull the band aids off. Twice now I’ve noticed people looking at me funny at the pool, this isn’t totally unheard of though because I’m tattooed like a coloring book. Band aids on your nipples do however get more looks than tattoos.
My indoor bike trainer had a premature death so I returned it and got a new model. I’ve been really impressed with Kurt Kinetic fluid trainer. Look for a dedicated review shortly.
Speaking of bikes, I decided that upgrading my triathlon bike this year wasn’t in the cards but I did make some small improvements. The entire front-end is now constructed out of carbon fiber! This includes the following: Easton Attack TT aerobars, Easton EC90 aero fork, stem & Bontrager Race XXX brake levers. Once I get the chance to put more miles on them outside I’ll post some reviews.

The end of March will be my 2 year anniversary of the broken femur…God damn I’m glad thats behind me!
For valentines day Harmony got me a new iPod nano, the smaller (than my iPhone) size makes it great for training. I forgot how useful music & podcasts are when putting in long miles or hard intervals! (It came complete with an engraving on the back from all the girls)

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