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My morning breakfast can have a big impact on the days workouts. Oatmeal is my go to but I eat it out of function rather than enjoyment. However, I’ve put together a custom oatmeal waffle recipe that’s pretty tasty. It even  uses coconut oil rather than butter. Warning, these aren’t light fluffy waffles however they are full of fuel.


1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour or whole wheat flour

1 cup quick-cooking rolled oats

1 tablespoon baking powder

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1/4 teaspoon salt

2 eggs – slightly beaten

1 1/2 cups milk

1/3 Cup melted coconut oil

2 tablespoons brown sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Step 1. In a large mixing bowl  sift in flour, baking powder, cinnamon and salt.

Step 2. Stir in oatmeal,  make sure all the dry ingredients are mixed well and set the bowl aside.

Step 3. In a smaller bowl mix eggs, milk, coconut oil, vanilla and brown sugar until all ingredients are thoroughly mixed.

Step 4. Now add the liquids to the flour mixture and mix until the mixture is smooth and the waffle batter is done.

Step 5. Cook some waffles!

Step 6. Eat some waffles!

Google search here for the nutritional benefits of coconut oil.


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Riding indoors on the bike trainer is a necessary evil in many parts of the world. Anyone who has spent time on an indoor trainer knows just how boring (and most of the time painful) it can be. I’ve tried everything to pass the time, TV shows, DVD’s, books, books on tape and maybe the worst of them all…Spinervals…I really detest Coach Troy and his stopwatch.

Luckily I stumbled across The Sufferfest, these videos combine a kick-ass workout, great race footage, new music and some and some unexpected surprises. Every time I hit the play button I know I’m in for a bike workout that will make my teeth hurt while still being entertained. The latest Sufferfest video “The Hunted” promised to have some longer slightly less intense intervals. Training for triathlons rather than road racing I was looking forward to The Hunted.

I’ll admit it, my first go at The Hunted was a failure. I setup my bike outside on the patio on a day the was 14 degrees, the combination of the cold and going out too hard led to blowing up at about the 30 minute mark.

Last week I jumped on the bike determined to conquer The Hunted. I was able to make it through all 60 minutes sticking to the perceived efforts and outlined cadences (other than the five minutes 110+ cadence at the 40 minute mark). While this workout does focus on longer intervals it finishes up with with a tempo/sprint combination that just about made me vomit (thanks David).

Bottom line…all the Sufferfest videos are great, they have impressive production value and an even better price point $10.99 USD.

(For the record I’ve paid full price for all The Sufferfest videos in my collection, there has been no compensation for this review)

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I just remembered I have a blog…

Summer has been really slow to arrive in Seattle, so has my motivation to get back into a regular training. I have finally got consistent with daily workouts and have even had a few double workout days. My race schedule for this year isn’t all that impressive but I have some sprint and olympic distance races planned. If everything goes well I’d like to add a half ironman in September and possibly a winter marathon (someplace south).

Since being back to training one of the things I’ve noticed is that I don’t hate to swim like I did last summer. I think (last summer) I was too worried about that Ironman swim that I couldn’t enjoy my time in the water. So far this summer swimming in the pool and lake have been much more pleasant and my swim fitness didn’t loose as much as I feared it had. My bike is ok up to about the 50 mile mark and my run is fast up to about 8 miles. Another bonus from consistent training is an overall improvement in my mood.

Harmony and I have settled into what we’re calling the “lake house”, our new place is a couple blocks off Lake Washington. Being right by the lake and having a small yard for the dogs has been a great chance after years of city apartments.

While this (racing) season will be over before we know it I’m already thinking about 2011. I’m not totally sure what’s in-store but I do know I want to get faster than I was in 2009 while achieving a balance. I’m not sure how that’s going to happen yet but I guess that’s part of the adventure.

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Ironman Canada is officially 9 days out & my taper is in its second week. The injury front is still a little up and down. Monday I was feeling pretty good & did a 20 minute run. Tuesday I woke up with maybe the most pain in my foot to-date. My coach told me to get into see an ART (active release techniques) Therapist asap. I was fortunate to find a provider in Seattle that could treat me this week & will also be up in Penticton BC next week for the Ironman race so I’ll be able to get treatment on race week.

As expected I was worse off on Wednesday that I was on Tuesday but after two ART sessions & a good acupuncture treatment I’m feeling better. Wednesday night my run workout consisted of aqua jogging in the pool. If you think swimming laps is boring…try running laps in the pool…

I’m confident that come race day I’ll be 100% with feet that are up for the challenge.

If your looking for an ART Therapist in the Seattle area I highly recommend Dr. Natasha Whittaker-Ayers at the Wedgwood Center for Natural Medicine. (Just don’t try to schedule with her next week…)

Note: Natasha has relocated back to Canada 😦

On the sad side of things my Grandpa passed away on August 19th. I’m happy to say that his final few months were very peaceful. He was able to stay in the home he built 35 or so years ago & was surrounded by family. My Mom, Grandma, Aunts & Uncles did an amazing job taking care of him. I’m happy that over the years I spent a lot of time with my Grandparents, lived with them, worked for them & always had their support.

A memory of my Grandpa that stands out was when he took me to a dentist appointment as a kid. The appointment was for a filling, as soon as I was finished it was off to the bowling alley for a burger. I think I ate more of my numb bottom lip than my burger. My Grandpa had a full life there’s no doubt about that, I would say first of all he was most proud of his family & second was his time flying in the military.

Driving up the hill leaving their house won’t be the same without him standing on the deck watching, I miss him already!

Left to right, Uncle Don, Me/Monza & my Grandpa (2008)

Left to right, Uncle Don, Me/Monza & my Grandpa, good thing we don't stand too close to each other! (2008)

Come on Lance…lets get that cure for cancer!

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#125 Minor Injury

First week of my taper…great time for a little injury. Wednesday night I had an hour & fifty five minute Z2 run on the schedule. The run went great, I got a ton of miles & didn’t feel like I was pushing myself. After my run one of my wheels (right foot) didn’t feel right, as the night went on it got progressively sore & stiff.

Thursday morning I woke up to it being painful to walk on. There isn’t much swelling & no bruising so I think its just an strain. As to what caused it…I’m not totally sure but I have a couple ideas. In the end though I think it comes down to just a the number of miles I’ve put in training for Ironman.

Coach said to take it easy and not to do anything that caused pain. Thursday I did very little waking and used some ice without much change in how it felt. Friday its a little bit better but still far from good.

All-in-all I think I’ve been really lucky when it comes to injures over the past year of training. My body doesn’t always feel great but I think there was only one short period that I had much of an injury that held me back.

My focus right now is getting back to 100% but fingers crossed that this weekend I can comfortably get back on the bike & in the water.

Ironman Canada…15 days away…

While having a little extra down time this week I did come across a couple of great online videos:

Wheaties viral webisode campaign, “Fuel. Win. Evolve.” (Includes Olympic triathlete Hunter Kemper)


MC SpanxeX “Performance”

Its dumb as hell but cracks me up every time!

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I’m happy to report I made it through my biggest block of training to date. 21 days total & about 20 hours per week. I expected to feel pretty beat up as the days went by but it turned out to be the opposite, other than days 20 & 21 I felt stronger each day. The final two days I was just feeling flat…

Highlights from the build include:

– First time ever training in 90-102 degree temps

– Three weekends in a row of Century bike rides

– My longest training run day 2:50 (That’s second only to my 3:34 marathon)

Technically this week my taper starts, my run volume will be going down but I’ll still have consistent swim & bike time. Next week my overall training volume will come down in preparation/recovery for Ironman Canada. I’m feeling confident that I’ve put in solid work & if I stay smart on race day things should go well.

19 day to IMC, I’m sure I’ll have more to say as we get closer to the cannon going off…

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Yesterday I got this advice second hand, it originally came from Chris McCormack (Macca).

1. Ironman is an eating contest on the bike.

2. Any pace you start the run at is too fast.

3. Go in with a plan but stay flexiable as you go.

4. Once you start drinking coke on the run, don’t miss an aid station.

That’s all great advice, I especially like #2.

I’m in the middle of my final build week for Ironman, its definitely the toughest week so far. Lots of long miles…

Ironman Canada is 25 days out. After this week is done I just have to be careful not to do anything stupid, come race day I’ll have put 42 solid weeks into training. Here are some of the crazy things that have crossed my mind this week:

1. Am I sure I’m running in the best shoes, is there a “lighter” pair that would be better? (Answer, NO)

2. Is it too late to start trying new saddles? (Answer, YES)

3. Should I lower my seat a cm or so? (Answer, NO)

I think its normal to start worrying about this type of stuff a few weeks out from race day, I just have to be smart and keep doing everything the way I’ve been doing it for the last year.

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