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Keeping in tradition of writing race reports for all my races…here’s the rundown on the Mercer Island Half Marathon (1/2 marathon race report, I know kind of boring).

This was my first race of the 2011 season and my longest race since Ironman. This half marathon course is around Mercer Island, this is a route I ride on my bike frequently, however, I had yet to run it. The elevation profile tells the whole story, its either up or down…nothing flat.

Mercer Island 1/2 Maraton Elevation Profile

The weather had been total crap leading up to race day but we lucked out and it was a sunny and relatively warm morning. The other bonus was the later-than-used-to 9am start.

Being that its a hilly race my plan was to be really conservative the first half and see what I could do on the second half. I was shooting for a 8:00/mi pace for the first six or seven miles, however, the pace ended up at 7:30/mi. I was still able to negative split the race and ended up with a an overall average pace of 7:15/mi.

Its a good race, I’d suggest it to anyone looking for an early season 1/2 marathon thats not afraid of some hills.

Race Time 1:35:19 (Personal Best)  

Div place 28/139 overall place 157


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