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Friday was a busy day and I wasn’t able to squeeze in any morning or lunch time workouts. This meant that I was going to have to get a swim & run session in after work. To make things even more enjoyable both workouts were pretty tough…

5pm at the pool for the following:

200 warm up

16X50 on 10 sec rest with every 4th FAST

12X50 on 15 sec rest with every 3rd FAST

8X50 on 20 sec rest with every 2nd FAST

4X50 on 20 sec rest every one FAST

4X100 kick

3X400 build Z2 to Z3

200 easy

Home for a couple hours then back to the gym at 9pm to get on the treadmill for the following:

50 min Z2 with 10X1 min 8% hill repeats

It was a good Friday the 13th!

Weekend Update

Friday evenings workouts were just the beginning. By the time I finished up my bike & swim sessions on Saturday I’d put in 4 solid workouts in a span of 22 hours & sure felt it…

Sunday my run direction was to start SLOW (frustratingly slow was the actual instruction) & to finish strong. The day turned out to be cold & wet so I headed to the treadmill for the 1:45 minute run. Luckily it went by quickly.


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#99 5k Race Report

It was a short race so this is going to be a short race report.

Coach asked me to add some short running races to the schedule over the next couple months. These aren’t key races on the road to an Ironman but rather to just keep motivated & having fun this time of year.

Sunday morning I ran the Love ’em or Leave ’em 5k. My goal was to stay under 20 minutes & not have anything left in the tank once I crossed the finish line…check & check…


Mile one 6:0X

Mile two 12:1X

Finish 19:09

Short races are tough, its all out from the start!


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#98 IMC 200 Days To Go

Ironman Canada 200 days away…

Ironman Canada CountdownClick on the image for the live countdown.

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