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Positions filled, thank you.

Bullseye Creative is looking to hire a Seattle area web designer/developer.

Full job description here:

Bullseye Creative web designer job description PDF

(Please no recruiters, placement agencies or individuals seeking contract work)


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My Mt. Si race report is a but overdue…

This year we had the same team as 2008 & we all ran the same legs of the relay. The only change for this year was a competing women’s team with Chelsie & Sara on it. Alex also had some friends from a running group with a team so there was not shortage of trash talk & sandbagging between legs.

The weather was beautiful, no injuries, plenty of Pringles & we shaved a little over 30 minutes off our previous years time.

It was a success!

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#109 Kona Endurance Sponsorship

Last week I got the word from Kona Endurance Supplements that I was selected for a sponsorship. Here’s a link to the online announcement, half way down the page you’ll see a familiar name. This is exciting on a number of levels. First off its just fun to be recognized for doing something you love. Kona Endurance has a proven product line & continues to make advancements. Their pro team includes Bryan Rhodes the 2008 Ironman Canada winner.

As part of the team I’ll receive products & a race kit. The supplement I’m looking most forward to using is the title product Kona Endurance Pro, this is similar to a supplement I’ve been using for six months that reduces lactic acid buildup & increases V02 max. There are some other supplements in the product line that I hope will boost my energy level & help with this reoccurring sickness.

Once I start using the products I’ll post some initial thoughts on effectiveness.

Kona Endurance

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#108 Juggling

As the weeks go by the amount of juggling increases. Workouts are getting longer but the weathers not necessarily cooperating. A couple weeks back we had a warm, sunny & dry weekend but since then the weather has pretty much been crap. The good news is things are looking up again, the second half of this week is looking descent. To complicate life I got sick AGAIN last weekend, its seems to be a similar bug as I had the previous week. I don’t think its over training that’s causing this but rather some overdue dental work. (I hate everything that has to do with the Dentist)

The highlight is over the past couple of weeks I’ve had some solid swim workouts. A couple of them I was scared of on paper but once completed they weren’t so bad. I even got some of the longer continues efforts finished faster than I had hoped. It will be nice to see how all the reps in the pool will translate to open water swims in a wetsuit. (The wetsuit should provide a little extra speed via technology)

Next weekend is the Mt. Si Ultra Marathon. (its a relay for myself & others I know that are racing) There was a request from Sitter that I shed some light on the upcoming race. Overall this is a great, low key race. Ultra distance running events have a much different feel than triathlons or bike races. This is especially noticeable at the start of the race, its a little anti-climatic. The race zig zags through the Snoqualmie valley & has a high point of Rattle Snake Lake. Only at Rattle Snake Lake are two hand-offs in the same place back-to-back. This makes half the race getting to hand-off areas before your runner does. There are five people on each team & each runner does approx. 11.5 miles each. Its amazing to see the finishers at the end of the race that weren’t on a relay team…

Link to last years race report.

Other big news since the last update is…Harmony is now officially on a tenure track at Seattle University. She put in three years proving her teaching ability & its finally paid off, congratulations!

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Insert sound effect here for not very happy with my race performance on Sunday…

Last Sunday was the first in a series of three TT’s in Carnation, it consisted of a 20k, mostly flat course. Even though I was still far from 100% & on week two if fighting a nasty cold I decided to race. To make matters even more enjoyable Sunday morning brought a light dusting of wet snow to Carnation.

I headed east at 6am, the closer I got to Carnation the worse the weather was. In Preston the rain turned to snow & the road had a light layer of slush on it. About a mile out & on the TT corse there was a truck upside down about three feet to the right of the fog line. This was not a good sign of what the conditions were like.

When I checked in the word was there was a chance the start time would be delayed. I had serious doubts the race would even happen. Once I got on the trainer I had my fingers crossed that the race would get canceled. My legs felt like lead (common feeling the last couple weeks) & I felt like I couldn’t get a deep breath.

Pre Race Conditions

Pre Race Conditions

There was an initial 30 minute delay to get the flipped truck off the road then an additional 30 minute delay to let the slush melt. Shockingly the race was on…

I got a decent warm up in on the trainer & headed out to the start. The first half of the course is a false flat with a head wind. I was really trying to be careful not to go out too hard & blow up. Once I was racing I felt a bit better than I did on the trainer. At about the half way mark I passed the guy that started a minute before me & hadn’t been passed by the person behind me (good sign).

The second half of the race is pretty much flat but has a handful of 90 degree corners. It seemed like I was able to keep my speed & cadence up through the second half. I did however get passed by two racers (totally degrading)

My final time was 33:44 with an avg speed of 22.1 miles per hour. That performance or lack there of put me in about the bottom 10% of my age group. This race draws some pretty fast bike racers so I didn’t expect to finish really high but I expected to see a few minute improvement over last year. As it turned out I was only 13 seconds faster than I was in 08.

I guess I should be happy with the result considering I’ve been sick & my training has been geared more to a 112 mile TT rather than a 12.5 mile TT.

The next Carnation TT is a little bit longer & includes a lot of climbing…looking forward to it.

Side note, Footworks Cycles, Neal Goldberg (RD) & all the volunteers did a great job putting on a safe race in really tough conditions. Thank you.

Ton's of Post Race Clean Up...

Ton's of Post Race Clean Up...

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